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Tap Sieve Shaker AS 200 Tap Retsch
Tap Sieve Shaker AS 200 Tap Retsch
Tap Sieve Shaker AS 200 Tap Retsch
Tap Sieve Shaker AS 200 Tap Retsch
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Jual Tap Sieve Shaker AS 200 Tap Retsch

Spesifikasi Tap Sieve Shaker AS 200 Tap Retsch

Tap Sieve Shaker AS 200 Tap Retsch

Application Examples

abrasives, cement, charcoal, coal, diamonds, spices, ...

Product Advantages

horizontal circular sieving motion with vertical taps


suitable for dry sieving

excellent separation efficiency even with short sieving times

sieve stack up to 350 mm height

digital time setting

easy operation, ergonomic design

optional software EasySieve for control through RS232 serial interface, easy evaluation and documentation of results

fulfils all criteria for measuring equipment related to ISO 9001



Separation, fractioning, particle size determination

Field of application

Agriculture, biology, chemistry / plastics, construction materials, engineering / electronics, environment / recycling, food, geology / metallurgy, glass / ceramics, medicine / pharmaceuticals

Feed material

Powders, bulk materials

Measuring range*

20 µm - 25 mm

Sieving motion

Horizontal circular motion with taps

Max. batch / feed capacity

3 kg

Max. number of fractions


Max. mass of sieve stack

6 kg


280 min-1

No. of taps

150 min-1

Time display

Digital, 1 - 99 min

Suitable for dry sieving


Suitable for wet sieving


Serial interface


Including test certificate / can be calibrated


Suitable sieve diameters

200 mm / 203 mm (8")

Max. height of sieve stack

350 mm

Protection code

IP 54 / IP 20

Electrical supply data

Different voltages

Power connection


Power consumption

180 W

W x H x D

700 x 650 x 450 mm / with sound enclosure cabinet : 735 x 675 x 530 mm

Net weight

~ 68 kg / with sound enclosure cabinet: ~ 92 kg

Please note :

*depending on feed material and instrument configuration/settings

Function Principle

In the AS 200 tap, mechanical action is applied to the test sieves in two dimensions. In addition to a horizontal circular motion with 280 oscillations, a vertical tapping motion with 150 taps per minute helps the particles to pass the sieve apertures. This combination of sieving motions simulates hand sieving. The number of oscillations and taps is independent of the power frequency which makes the sieving results of the AS 200 tap comparable world wide.

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