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Jual Tank Dipping Tapes - Sounding Tapes Richter

Spesifikasi Tank Dipping Tapes - Sounding Tapes Richter

Tank Dipping Tapes IPM Richter

Richter tank dipping tapes of supreme quality in various frames, made of carbon and stainless steel, as well as of white enameled steel. In addition, we supply dip weights of brass and stainless steel, tank dipping tapes according to IPM Specification gauges.

Product Description

Tank Dipping Tapes acc. To IPM Specification

13 mm wide

Bright raised markings in natural steel colour on dark etched background

Accuracy Under a tension of 15 N and reference temperature of 20°centigrade +/-1,5mm for each 30 m or +/- 0,06 inch for each 100 ft length.

Start of Tape A brass hook with locking screw is attached to the tape to keep the weight secure

( hook of stainless steel at extra cost ).

Commencement Dip Weight included in measurement.

Frame Strong brass frame with winding drum of metal and obliquie wooden handle, tape rolls out near the handle.

( grounding of frame at extra cost )

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