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Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor
Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor
Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor
Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor
Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor
Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor
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Jual Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor

Spesifikasi Suntex TR-1100 COD Thermoreactor

COD Thermoreactor TR-1100 & TR-110A Suntex Instrument

Precise digital temperature control & safety-first design





Reactor type

Dry temperature control device

Number of vial cells

16 cells shafts for reaction cell 16 mm ±0.2 mm

Temperature setting

100˚C, 120˚C, 150˚C, via fixed programs, and 50˚C to 199˚C user setting

Controlling accuracy

±1˚C ( ±1 digit )

Temperature stability


Heating rate ( with empty thermoblock ) from 25˚C to

100˚C approx. 5.5 min.

100˚C approx. 5 min.

120˚C approx. 7.5 min.

120˚C approx. 6 min.

150˚C approx.10.5 min.

150˚C approx.9 min.

165˚C approx.12.5 min.

165˚C approx.11 min.

199˚C approx. 16.5 min.

199˚C approx. 15 min.

Pre-stored programs

165˚C / 20 min.

150˚C / 2 hour

150˚C/ 20 min.

120˚C / 2 hour

120˚C / 1 hour

120˚C / 30 min.

100˚C / 1 hour

Programmable temperature range

50˚C to 199˚C

Programmable time range

0-18 hours, Audio signal and heating stopped when the time expired

Temperature correction

±9˚C adjustment for thermoblock

Ambient temperature


Overheating protector


Power supply

110 VAC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

220 VAC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

290 W

250 W


320 x 210 x 103 mm ( L x W x H )


Approx. 3 kg

The TR-1100 features seven pre-set common programs to ease the lab work. It also allows an user-tailored program for repeated custom procedures. The digital display provides precise temperature setting.

Safety-first philosophy design :

• Hot warning status light: to indicate heating progress

• PPS board on the top to minimize risk of scald

• Auto stop & buzzler alarm when end of running time

• Overheating protection safety device: Automatic heat cutoff when the heating temperature is over 220˚C

• Splash resistant design: Avoiding sample permeating from panel

Features :

Ideal tube tests for COD, TOC, Total nitrogen, total phosphate, total phosphate, total chromium, etc.

COD and specialized tasks in wastewater treatments and laboratories

PPS board fully insulated heater block

Program started with auto or manual mode selectable after pre-heating

Auto stop when end of running time

Easy and friendly to use

Large LCD screen with status LED indicator

Sound alarm to indicate complete of digestion

Seven pre-stored and one user defined programs with pre-heating function

Automatically back to last mode when powering on

Overheating protection device

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