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Oven YCO-010 & YCO-N01 Gemmy
Oven YCO-010 & YCO-N01 Gemmy
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Jual Oven YCO-010 & YCO-N01 Gemmy

Spesifikasi Oven YCO-010 & YCO-N01 Gemmy

Ovens YCO-010 & YCO-N01 Gemmy


Product Hot Air Oven

Model YCO-010

Capacity 16, 40, 57, 75, 90, 110, 150, 200 L

Control system Microprocessor system

Temp control PID

Temp setting Digital

Temp readout Digital

Air convection Forced convection by fan

Temp uniformity ±3.0 ºC at 180 ºC

Temp stability ±0.5 ºC at 180 ºC

Over-temp alarm & shutout Yes, 10 ºC to the set point

Timer Digital, 9 hr. 59min. + HOLD

Temperature range Ambient + 5 ºC to 250 ºC

Standard accessory 2 S/S mesh shelves, adjustable.

Key Features

1 Temperature uniformity & Stability are approximated which may be varied under the different operation environment.

2 The above specifications are subject to change without advanced notice.

GEMMY Hot Air Oven Sterilizer is designed for general purpose in applications in variety of baking, drying, conditioning, preheating, curing for dry content analysis, chemical resistance studies, glassware drying, dry sterilizer etc.

All equipment features double wall construction for durability and good heat retention.

Heavy-gauge glass fiber insulation sustains to prevent the heat loss and maximize energized efficiency.

Timer is working only when the actual temperature arrived 2 ºC below set point.

LED digital set and display for Power, Heating, PV, SV and Alarm.

Adjustable fresh air inlet port at bottom and top provides control of the amount of convective air.

Quality surface treated by power coating ensures scratch free and corrosion free.

Safety devices :

Over temperature alarm and shutout device to 10 ºC above the set point.

Independent safety switch to shut out power protecting oven from excessive heating at 220 ºC if primary control fails.

Optional for current leakage breaker with O.C.

Audible & visible alarm indicated by indicator.

Timer stop counting when PV is 5 ºC below SV after stabilization if door is opened, the memory will store the past time and start to count when the PV value returns to 2 ºC below SV.

Product Hot Air Oven

Model YCO-N01 Analog

Key Features

This model is designed when the cost is the major consideration to users.

Gravity convection is used when the accurate temperature control and uniformity are not critical important to users and your samples can’t be disturbed by air current.

A mercury thermometer is mounted on top of the equipment providing temperature direct reading.

Comes with hydraulic thermostat sensor.

The door lock is newly designed easy to lock and open.

The formed door gasket is efficient to prevent the heat loss.


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