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Jual MSA AirHawk II Air Mask Breathing Apparatus

Spesifikasi MSA AirHawk II Air Mask Breathing Apparatus

MSA AirHawk II Air Mask Breathing Apparatus

Key Features

Keep the basics and add the choices. Lightweight, durable and economical SCBA for many industrial IDLH ( immediately dangerous to life or health ) applications fits any budget. Lower-cost options are provided with many choices not offered with any other industrial air mask, in both low-pressure and high-pressure versions. MSA fire service components are now offered for non-fire service applications such as industrial, agricultural, wastewater, HazMat, and HVAC.

The AirHawk II Air Mask is built from six major components: facepiece, carrier and harness assembly, cylinder, first-stage regulator, mask-mounted regulator, and End-of-Service-Time-Indicator ( EOSTI ). Choose from the proven Ultra Elite® Facepiece or new industrial Advantage® 4000 Facepiece, three facepiece sizes, two nosecup sizes, and SoftFeel® Rubber or silicone rubber. NIOSH-approved.

Ultra Elite Facepiece features

One-way check valve prevents exhaled air from entering mask-mounted regulator

Molded polycarbonate lens

Mechanical speaking diaphragm for short-range communications

Five adjustable rubber straps for exceptional head comfort, security and safety

Optional heat-resistant Kevlar hairnet-style head harness

Advantage 4000 Facepiece features

Adapters to convert Advantage Facepiece to Twin-Cartridge Respirator ( uses bayonet-style Advantage Cartridges ) or RD40 Facepiece

One-way check valve prevents exhaled air from entering mask-mounted regulator

Molded polycarbonate lens

Four-point silicone head harness for exceptional comfort and security

Optional polyester net or Kevlar net head harness

AirFrame™ Carrier and Harness Assembly

MSA’s durable AirFrame Carrier and Harness assembly provides standard large side handles and central attachment point to pull workers to safety in rescue scenarios. Assembly distributes SCBA weight over user’s hips for comfort and stability. Ergonomically designed glass fiber-reinforced composite thermoset plastic backplate provides spine strain relief.

Key components are detachable without special tools.

Features Include

Harness components in nylon or high-strength Kevlar.

Shoulder straps with easy-to-release friction buckles to positively retain pull straps.

Incorporated center-pull waist belt system.

Optional shoulder pads, lumbar pad and chest strap for extra comfort.

Cylinder band in nylon or Kevlar, secured by adjustable nylon buckle to retain various cylinder sizes.

Optional open-form stainless steel cylinder band for rapid drop-in cylinder replacement.

Breathing Apparatus

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