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Colony Counter Digital S JP Selecta
Colony Counter Digital S JP Selecta
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Jual Colony Counter Digital S JP Selecta

Spesifikasi Colony Counter Digital S JP Selecta

JP Selecta Digital colony counter Digital-S

Counter for Petri dish up to 100 mm diameter.

The unit records each pulsed colony count on the digital screen to a total of 999 counts. Pressure to count can be made by any way ( pencil, or pen tip, etc ). Epoxy coated casing. Reversible interior background part in white or black. Steady, ( glare free ) fluorescent illumination, clear and wide view visibility. Removable plates for housing varying sizes of Petri dishes. Location for reversible contrast plates. Magnifiying glass X 2 with adjustable height and rotation support. Mains switch. Numerical digital display : 3 digits. Audible confirmation beep for each count. Zero reset button. RESET. Power supply : 230 V.


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Digital S

250 x 230 x 300




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