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Jual Breathing Apparatus FireHawk M7 MSA

Spesifikasi Breathing Apparatus FireHawk M7 MSA

Breathing Apparatus FireHawk M 7 MSA

AirHawk® MMR Air Mask

Based on the highly successful MSA FireHawk Air Mask which sees duty in the harshest environment firefighting MSA’s Airhawk MMR Air Mask incorporates the latest technologies available for industrial, agricultural, HazMat and HVAC work.

What sets the Airhawk SCBA apart from the rest of the field is the long list of options that let you customize the apparatus for your specific needs.

→The Advantage 4000 Facepiece that can be configured to air-purifying, supplied-air and SCBA usage via MSA’s unique adapter design.

→The Airhawk SCBA is available in lowpressure ( 2216 psig ) or high-pressure ( 4500 psig ) versions

→Three different 30-minute rated low-pressure cylinder types-aluminum, hoop-wound or carbon-fiber—let you choose low weight or low-cost

→High-pressure Carbon Fiber-wrapped Composite cylinders are available in 30-, 45- or 60-minute rated durations

→The innovative Firehawk PTC ( Push-To-Connect ) Regulator easily and securely attaches to your facepiece

→The industry leading Ultra Elite® Facepiece offers the choice of three sizes in either SoftFeel® Hycar rubber or silicone

→Dual-purpose options allow the connection of an air-line. Five different quick-disconnect fittings are available

→The harness assembly is available in Nylon or flame-and-heat-resistant ( FHR ) Kevlar material. A chest strap, lumbar pad and shoulder pads can also be added, making this the most comfortable industrial Air Mask on the market today

Breathing Apparatus

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