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Jual Breathing Apparatus BD2100 MSA

Spesifikasi Breathing Apparatus BD2100 MSA

MSA BD2100 MAX Breathing Apparatus

Order Information

10110937 SCBA,BD2100-MAX,6.8 L

10110938 SCBA,BD2100-MAX,6.8 L


1. Carry AutoMaXX demand valve

Apply the advanced connection design in industry which allows users to connectdemand valve to mask within one second and disconnect it also within onesecond. This feature brings more efficiency to users;

The switch of demand valve is integrated as lock system. When customers disconnect the valve the demand valve is switched off at the same time;

Very small profile and won’t limit the movement of head;

Demand valve could roll on mask by 360 degrees and air supply hose also could roll on demand valve by 360 degrees. By this unique design the demand valve could reach the right position automatically and minimum the retention by medium pressure hose;

Carry a quick connection which allow customer to share SCBA with the necessary sets of demand valves and masks;

Allow customers to open the valve and clean inside parts without special tools;

2. Standard chest quick connection for medium pressure hose

Connected to demand valve or rescue modular by quick self-lock interface;

Support hygienic share of SCBA;

Could be transferred to SCBA with rescue function by adding rescue modular.

3. Rescue modular

Connected to chest quick connection through self-lock interface

Provide two self-lock medium pressure connections

Work with demand valve or rescue hood connection

Stored separately when not required

4. Warning whistle near to ear

Closer to ear for easy recognition;

Driven by medium pressure to assure stable and ringing sound. The alarm sound could remain more than 1 minute at 90 dB under air consuming rate 40 Liter/Minute which is almost 4 times compared with high pressure driven alarm;

Mainly applied to fire service

Breathing Apparatus

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