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Automatic Water Still WS-400 Suntex Instrument
Automatic Water Still WS-400 Suntex Instrument
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Jual Automatic Water Still WS-400 Suntex Instrument

Spesifikasi Automatic Water Still WS-400 Suntex Instrument

Automatic Water Still WS-400 Suntex Instrument


Controling method

Microprocessor controlled

Production per hour

4 Liters / hours

Temp. of condenser inlent water

Suggusted temperature : lower than 35 °C

Pressure of condenser inlent water

70-560 kPa

Flow of condenser inlent water

1 Liter/min

pH value

5.0 ~ 6.5


1.00 ~2.00 µS/cm

Water Quality monitoring

Display the conductivity of distilled water

Boiler and condenser

1 set

Heating equipments

2 quartz heating pipes

Safety Protection


Boiler liquid level control


Water container liquid level


Ambient temperature

0 ~ 50 °C

Storage temperature

0 ~70 °C

Power supply

AC 220 V ±10%, 50,60 Hz

Applied power

3.2 kW


Tap water: 3/8" ID,

Pretreated: 1/4" NPT ( M ), Drain: 3/8 ID


Benchtop or wall mounting

Dimension ( W x H x D )

570 x 380 x 250 mm


17.6 kg

The SUNTEX Microprocessor automatic water still is available with output of 4L/hr or 8L/hr, and can be benched or wall mounted. The water still produces the very highest quality pyrogen free water. Purity is also assured through the borosilicate glass ( Boilers and Condensers ) construction and the use of durable, silica sheathed heating elements.

Convenient automatic operation :

Combined with the microprocessor, the unique WS series water still simplifies operation and cleaning procedures. The still is supplied with a float switch which automatically shuts off the water still when the storage reservoir is full, enabling safe, unattended operation.

Safety in operation :

A high temperature cut-off system protects the heaters in the events of water-input failure and low level of water in boiler. The heater can be recovered from the automatic overheating cut-off by reset.

Pretreated feed option :

All stills can be used with pretreated reverse osmosis ( RO ), deionized or purified water. The pretreatment removes many contaminants from feed water to keep the glass clean.

Features :

● Highest purity, pyrogen free distillate

● Advanced microprocessor control & front panel keypad design for easy operation

● Output of 4L/hour, 8L/hour, & 4L/hour Bi-distilled

● Multi-color LED indication alarm for easy status recognition

● Built-in conductivity measurement system to ensure quality of outlet water

● Auto condenser clean function with detergent adding flow cell for easy maintenance

● Built-in liquid level switches for auto shutting off when the storage reservoir is full

● Overheating cut-off protection for safe operation

● Auto diagnosis when powering on the system

● Installation of benchtop or wall mounting

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