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Advanced Microwave Optics System WA-9316A Pasco Scientific
Advanced Microwave Optics System WA-9316A Pasco Scientific
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Jual Advanced Microwave Optics System WA-9316A Pasco Scientific

Spesifikasi Advanced Microwave Optics System WA-9316A Pasco Scientific

Advanced Microwave Optics System WA-9316A

Features :

Diffraction Slit Hardware -- Spacers and holders for performing interference experiments.

Ethafoam® Prism with Styrene Pellets -- Used for refraction of microwaves. The index of refraction of styrene is determined.

Rotating Mounts -- The transmitter and receiver rotate through a full 360° ( an important feature for polarization experiments ).

Gunn Diode Transmitter -- A stable, low-voltage source of linearly polarized microwaves ( 10.5 GHz; 15 mW ).

18 cm High Mounts -- Minimize tabletop reflections for improved accuracy.

Receiver with a Built-in Amplifier -- Variable sensitivity ensures clear data, even for low-intensity measurements ( Bragg diffraction and Brewster's angle ).

Long-Arm Goniometer -- For easy setup and alignment. The built-in degree and millimeter scales ensure accurate measurements.

Magnetic Mounting -- All components mount magnetically. Setup is quick and accurate.

Durable Construction -- Parts are made of stainless steel or die-cast aluminum.



Microwave Optics : Basic System

Advanced Microwave Optics System

Microwave Accessory Package




Gunn Diode Transmitter with mounting stand


Receiver with built-in amplifier and mounting stand


Goniometer with fixed and rotatable arms and degree scale


Fixed-arm assembly for interferometer experiments


Component holders: two standard, one rotating


Rotating table


Reflectors : two full reflectors ( metal ), two partial reflectors ( wood )


Polarizers ( two )


Diffraction slit hardware ( holders and spacers )


Prism ( Ethafoam ) with styrene pellets


AC adapter


Laboratory manual with 12 ready-to-use experiments


An explanation of the physical principles with all relevant equations


Illustrations for easy setup


Step-by-step instructions


Questions and data tables in a worksheet format


Teacher's guide with answers and typical results


Simulated Crystal Lattice

Polyethylene Panel

Optical Sensors

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